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'' Through combining coaching parkour/ADD and psychological theory and  intervention, esprit concrete aims to empower its clients to nurture a sense  of personal responsibility in the hope that they will then strive to give back  to society. Above all, we work to guide and encourage clients to recognise  their own needs and desires in order to then be available to mentally and  physically lead a more enriched life, for them and everyone around them. ​''
News & Updates
The 12th March is around the corner,  it is a date to celebrate, not only because  it will be a day after   Yann Hnautra 's birthday , it will also the day  he will share his experience and knowledge with us. We feel extremly priviledged to receive such a gift from  one of the founder of the discipline we practice and try to live by day to day! Come share the experience and the energy with us and get inspired like us by the beauty and humility in the art of one of the original Yamakasi.
To Book your place, scroll down to "class boooking" then on "Choose classes/Events" and choose "Yann Hnautra London's Workshop" and finally select the slot you would like to take part in.

Let's celebrate

Monsieur Yann Hnautra, YAMAKASI co-founder, was there from the start. Our great friend, gave us the chance to organise a day of training with him so we did! Not only is it going to be a special day for us as it will be esprit concrete's first Yamak worshop, it also happens to be Yann's birthay just the day before!

During his stay, he will lead 3x 2 hour workshops throughout the day, where he will also share his experience of the origins of Art Du Déplacement/Parkour. We are limiting each workshop to a maximum of 15 people to make sure you all get to experience and enjoy Yann's style to the fullest.

For those of you who know Yann, you will know first hand what his energy can bring. for those of you completly new to our discipline, it will be an experience you will never forget!

esprit concrete's class with guests
Yann Hnautra is visiting us!!

We are very proud and humbled to have been asked to take part and share our knowledge in the initiative Parkour UK has put together, the Parkour/Freerunning Action Group for Mental Health, that aims to promote, advocate and take positive actions on wellbeing, mental health policies and practice and discrimination on the ground of mental health through Parkour/Freerunning/ADD as a practice and as a community, with role models and ambassadors.
Here is an advice sheet Parkour UK publshed, in collaboration with Free Your Instinct and esprit concrete

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