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Kasturi Torchia
Therapist / Parkour Coach
Kasturi is a Counselling Psychologist (in training) and a researcher. She has worked on a range of different projects/publications ranging from social political to applied psychological intervention evaluations/research. She completed her BSc in Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, in 2009, going on to do her MSc in Forensic Psychology at London Metropolitan University, in 2010. She has dedicated the last ten years to better understanding and helping the community, providing support to people with physical and mental health difficulties, from children with autism to adults with personality disorders in the community, institutions and beyond. Her diverse work, including continuous voluntary work, has acted to provide her with a rich understanding of the needs of various populations. During the second year of her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, in 2014, she attended her first parkour class and instantly fell in love with the practice. The sense of freedom and the emotional satisfaction it brought her encouraged her to explore the practice on a deeper level and she rapidly began to draw parallels between counselling psychology and the underlying philosophy/ideology of parkour. Through her friendly, caring and hardworking nature and keenness to learn she forged parkour friendships all over the world and began to travel and experience parkour all across Europe. Striving to better understand its origins and potential value to people she took a year out to train with Street Movement at Gerlev Idraetshojskole and ADD Academy Paris, which ultimately gave her the courage to fully commit to fulfilling her vision of entwining counselling psychology and parkour in practice. She is also Parkour UK 1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching Parkour/Freerunning (QCF) qualified and is eagerly working towards being a fully qualified coach. She works integratively as a therapist, in a person-centred manner informing her approach with cognitive behaviour therapy primarily, combined with aspects of psychodynamic theory and humanistic approaches. In coaching parkour, she integrates her understanding of parkour with that of psychological theory, knowledge and intervention and is currently exploring the phenomenon of burn-out in Parkour practitioners as part of her doctoral thesis.
Gogoly Yao
Head of Coaching
Yao, originally from France has always had a passion for sport and physical expression through movement. After ten years of Taekwondo, he discovered the Yamakasi movie and set out to try to face his fears just as he perceived them to be doing. Upon moving to London, he attended a few classes with Dan Edwards and Forrest Mahop and then proceeded to train independently in and around London. He is now a fully qualified ADD and Parkour coach with more than eight years of coaching experience. He has dedicated himself to teaching all age groups within the UK as well as internationally. He has run workshops and seminars, youth camps and short courses in the UK and abroad and is globally known for his love of people and his infectious energy. Over the years, he developed an invaluable network of friends around the world who have helped him to keep striving and refining his movement and spirit. He has on several occasions been involved with media performances, photoshoots and choreography of parkour performances, however his primary focus is engaging more closely with community. He has also studied various components of Physiotherapy, ensuring he has a sound understanding of body mechanics and functioning, allowing him to confidently advise clients on their needs in line with their own personal goals. This enables them to train in a safe and informed manner and to closely self-regulate and self-maintain a well-functioning body and mind, crucial to sustainable life span training.
Dr Alexandra Mizara 
Clinical Supervisor
Consultant Counselling Psychologist
 Dr Alexandra Mizara is a Consultant Counselling Psychologist. She works both in the NHS and private sector. She has a specialist interest and expertise in the area of psychodermatology. She has set up and leads an innovative psychology-dedicated service for individuals with skin conditions in a teaching hospital in North London. She has extensive clinical experience in the psychological management of individuals suffering with chronic skin conditions.

She also works as a Visiting Lecturer in the doctoral programme of Counselling Psychology at City University. Her research interests lie in the psychological management and well-being of people with psoriasis, acne, alopecia, body image concerns and adjustment to physical change. She supervises doctoral theses in the area of psycho-dermatology and is a keen advocate on integrating psychological care in physical health settings.

She is registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). She is a registered clinical supervisor and provides consultancy in the area of psycho-dermatology.

Georgia Munroe
Parkour coach
Georgia is a professional Art Du Deplacement/Parkour/Freerunning athlete with a passion for music, theatre and art. She Displays strength and agility in her movement and aspires to help and inspire others to explore and find themselves through the discovery of movement training. She started training Parkour in 2012 in classes in London and quickly adopted Yao as a mentor to help her finding her strength and life balance through movement . Georgia is strong and generous,  she built her strength with the Parkour community in London to be able to share and help others  all over the world. She is a real life example of the saying " Be strong to be useful " .
She will be sharing her experience in our local and international events

You can see more of Georgia's work here
Louiseanne Wong
Parkour coach

Louiseanne Wong is a dancer, movement artist, choreographer and coach. Born in Hong Kong, she had her first ballet lesson at the age of four. Since then she began her curious search through dance and music, pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Manchester, taking her training in Hip-Hop, Ballet and Contemporary Dance to Los Angeles and studying MA Choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. In 2015 she encountered Art du Deplacement/Parkour in London. She found the ethos and training atmosphere very welcoming: self-development, non-competitiveness, community spirit, longevity. It shifted her focus in life from performance-driven practice to self-development through movement.
Louiseanne's expertise and passion allows her to combine Art du Deplacement/Parkour with Dance as a means of self-discovery. She has a wide understanding of the body in both athletic and artistic contexts, and is always striving to reach her full potential. Louiseanne teaches the practice, provides bespoke consultation in the practice and beyond, often presenting her own and Esprit Concrete's work within various communities around the world.